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      Martin Wisman MXR 2000

      Martin Wisman

      MXR 2000

      2.469,00 kn
      2.422,00 kn

      Stereo Mixer Pre-Amp * 2 balanced mic inputs by XLR type, phantom power & gain control is separately provided * 4 unbalanced line inputs by XLR type, gain control is separately provided * Stereo balanced line outputs by XLR type * Alarm input & REC...

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      Martin Wisman MXR 500

      Martin Wisman

      MXR 500

      1.999,00 kn
      1.800,00 kn

      Mixer Pre-amplifier   The MXR 500 is a public address pre-amplifier with five balanced MIC inputs, three AUX level  inputs and one EMC(priority) level inputs. Priority muting is achieved via MIC 2 and EMC for overriding music for paging and  emergency alarms....

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      Martin Wisman MX 102

      Martin Wisman

      MX 102

      1.108,00 kn

      Pre-amplifier,10 channels input(chime inside) With 10 input channels, each channel can be adjust independently.MIC 1 has priority function, built-in chime function.With 5 MICs, 3 AUX input , 3 line output,and 2 EMC inputs.With independent volume control, uniform volme...

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      Martin Wisman MX 88

      Martin Wisman

      MX 88

      1.713,00 kn

      Pre-amplifier,8 in 8 out , MIC 1 has prior function , with chime function Can connect 8 units amplifiers external.With 8 independent input and output channels without any interference. Each channel has independent volume control.MIC 1 has priority function and can...

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      Martin Wisman MXD 3000

      Martin Wisman

      MXD 3000

      2.711,00 kn

      6 Zones Mixer pre amplifier * Mixer with 6 zone speaker selector for source selection and zone control...

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      Martin Wisman MXR 1000

      Martin Wisman

      MXR 1000

      1.755,00 kn

      2 Channel Mixer Features * 2 channel mixer of 10 inputs * Remote paging console GMZ 200 as mic 1 with highest input priority * Mic 2-4 with VOX selector over inputs 5-10 and phantom power * All the 10 inputs with mic, line and high pass filtering selector *...

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      Martin Wisman SVR 3100

      Martin Wisman

      SVR 3100

      3.291,00 kn

      6 zone / 3 message recorder / remote mic / voice alarm   The SVR-3100 is a digital 6 zone mixer can provide an ideal public address solution from small to big places such us mosques, schools, hotels and factories to train stadium and air stations.   The unit...

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      na lageru Mogućnost NarudžbeMogućnost NarudžbeUkoliko je za proizvod naznačeno da će ga biti uskoro lageru, znači da proizvod trenutno nemamo u u trgovini, ali ga je moguće rezervirati.
      Molimo provjerite detalje u vezi mogućnosti rezervacije ovog proizvoda.

      Provjeru možete izvršiti putem telefona:
      +385 95 855 9005

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      Martin Wisman MX 1000

      Martin Wisman

      MX 1000

      1.797,00 kn

      GENERAL DESCRIPTION                                                       The MX-1000 series is equiped with pre-amplifier. They...

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