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Monitor Kontroleri

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      Spl MTC




      The MTC combines volume level control, source switching and loudspeaker management for stereo monitoring with comfortable talkback and cue mixing functions. A fully analog design dispenses with VCAs, DACs, etc., providing loss-free signal processing. The I/O section...

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      MACKIE Big Knob


      Big Knob

      2.969,00 kn
      2.482,00 kn

      The Must-Have Audio Command Center for Your Computer-Based Studio You asked for it. Your band asked for it. Your clients asked for it. Your mom practically asked for it. Since the dawn of computer-based music making, folks have longed for a simple monitor switching...

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      Eve Audio PMR 2.10

      Eve Audio

      PMR 2.10

      11.000,00 kn
      8.800,00 kn

      The Passive Monitor Router PMR 2.10 is a modern high quality 2-in – 10-out monitor-switching device. It's a very useful tool wherever there's the need to connect multiple pairs of speakers. Professional studios, pro-audio resellers, distribution showrooms or, indeed,...

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      Behringer MINIMON MON800


      MINIMON MON800


      MINIMON MON800 Ultra-Compact Stereo Monitor Matrix Mixer with Talkback Mic Ultra-compact monitor matrix mixer for studio and stage applications Dedicated input section with 4 selectable and mixable stereo inputs Accurate 6-segment LED main stereo output...

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      Fostex PC100USB




      Model PC-100USB is a high grade version of PC-1(W) that converts USB digital audio signal to analog signal to feed to powered monitor speakers such as PM0.4n, PM0.5n etc. for high quality reproduction of computer audio . The volume for the left and right monitors can be...

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      PSI AUDIO R&B Router & Bass Management


      R&B Router & Bass Management


      Product Description Easy switching between 3 Monitoring systems Use of one multichannel speakers system in multichannel, satellite+sub or stereo modes Subwoofer usable as bass extension or LFE Standby/Mute and switching modes controlled by a simple...

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